Making Disciples in the home.


by my good friend Tim Mathisen

•In order to succeed in raising godly children we believe our marriages must take first priority. Our personal relationship with God should be first, spouse second, and children third. Healthy children require healthy marriage and an involved Dad.

•Don’t let children take over/control our marriages.

•Put young children to bed early. Kids are not getting the sleep they need and Mom and Dad need time together.

•Date night/breakfast once a week.  Be creative for specific time alone.

•Be angry, and yet do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger, Eph 4:26

•Keep the walls of separation and anger away.

•Pray every night together, even nights-wife, odd night-husband. It’s hard to be angry at each other when you pray together.

•Pray for your spouse daily. Ask is there anything I can do for you today?

•Set an example you would want your children to emulate in their future marriages.

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