“The 50 Club vs. Hollywood Marriages”

I have to be honest.  I have a hard time keeping up with the latest current events.  We do not have cable at our house, so I am really not that up-to-date with the latest celebrity news.  However, I could not help but notice the latest Hollywood marriage that only lasted 72 days before someone filed for divorce.   I am not writing this out of judgment.  I really do not know anything about that marriage. I am just sad that this is what makes front-page news.  I would love to give you better news today.

Last week at our church, over 50 couples celebrated being married over 50 years. These couples had weathered the storms of life together by sticking to the commitment they had made to the Lord. We had a fellowship hall full of role models, heroes, and superstars.  The stories around each table were inspiring, real, and very much admired.  Some had lost children.  Many had gone through disease and illness.  Some were still caring for an ailing spouse that week.  Everyone’s story was very different, but there was one common thread to the longevity of each “superstar” marriage.  Each one had a rock-solid commitment to Jesus Christ.  And each person was committed to his or her spouse.

Three couples tied for the longest marriage, which was 67 years.  Miles and Ann were one of those couples. I asked Miles around a table of friends, “Miles, how did you make it all these years?” Miles made some kind of self-deprecating statement like, “Well, somehow she puts up with me.”  Everyone laughed, but do not be mistaken.  Miles is a 90 year old rock star in my book.  Miles has a passion for Jesus Christ. He consistently reads the Bible and he is always in church.  He faithfully attends a Saturday morning prayer breakfast with many of the husbands of the “50 Club.”  Miles leads the singing at the prayer breakfast.  Every week he also writes a poem to inspire us all to draw closer to Jesus.  Miles even volunteered a few years ago to help build one of the Habitat for Humanity homes.  He loves Jesus, he loves his wife, and he loves our church.

Miles and Ann should be on the front page of newspapers, websites, and TV reports around the world.  When I think about my marriage, I have some great role models to look up to in Miles and Ann. So move over Hollywood, and let me introduce you to some real celebrities.  Miles will even give you his autograph.

Invest in the few, change the world.

Dave Marshall

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